Up to now my proposals have largely been based on faith in stumbling, failure, and misunderstanding. In Chicago I wanted to concentrate on things that work and on truths and doubtlessness.

Devised for the Renaissance Society’s empty gallery space, Arches and Avalanches is a series of demonstrations that use the discovery of “nothing” as their starting point (following after Otto von Guericke, Evangelista Torricelli and Blaise Pascal).

Certainty can be blissful. You can start the day by looking out of a window, only to dress too cold or too warm. You know how to ride a bike as soon as you’ve learned to direct it towards the direction you’re starting to fall towards. My chances of being hit by a meteorite won’t increase by subscribing to insurance that protects me from such an incident, but the insurance brings the two of us together on a piece of paper. We form a phrase: me and the meteorite, united in a single thought.

rolling stone or sliding sheet hammer and feather cloud air humidity aug falling glass preparation loreto bordeau weapons in art spaces humidification for cloud humidification for cloud identical frame glass fall limit demonstration alimit demonstration b hammer and feather drop resonance plant strategies
fern trees
fern trees willow
tree locomotion plant strategies 2
comparitive plant strat plant strategies 3 comparitive plant strat 1 comp plant strat
cps tomato 2
arches portal
equi distribution of gravity
arch 360
arch 360 plus weight
pressure and gravity
first and end sheet quality discrimination
faesd 2
tpp1to3 see tpp in index
on tricks indoor cloud1
on tricks cloud2
rooftiles in the south of france roof tiles in southern france chewing gum bthing gelitin
blaise pascal goat bladder

rolling and sliding hammer and feather fall humidifying gallery space for discrimination of indoor cloud trick measuring the straitness of the floor for glass fall loreto martinez troncoso spoke about weapons in art spaces a couple of years ago in bordeaux humidifying gallery space for discrimination of indoor cloud trick humidifying gallery space for discrimination of indoor cloud trick measuring outlines for glass fall
glass fall - surface, image, fear, love membrane hammer and feather fall resonance plant pollination and locomotion strategies fern tree - abundance, waste beatrice meline said the most beautiful cloud she saw was made by a donkey that shook its body after having rolled in red dust mechanical locomotion strategies of plants like impatiens and nuts digestion used for transport and fertilization beech trees migrated more than 300 meters per year after the last ice-age

stability - Heinrich von Kleist wrote that an arch doesn't fall because all it's elements want to fall at the same time

the first americains i met in my childhood were friends of neighbors that had brought suitcases full of toilet paper to germany years later i heard an interview with someone specialized in glues that attach the first and last sheet of toilet paper easy to lift off and yet adhesive enough do not just fall off

indoor cloud discrimination - up to now i still have not found a way to show a large cloud inside a room - this one is produced using a lot of infrastructure it's a trick, not a wonder in the south of france - and probably elsewhere - roof tiles were formed on the thighs of the owner of the building or someone close to him or her having big thighs allows you to cover a roof with a smaller amount of roof tiles a chewing gum on the ceiling of the gallery space - skyscrapers don't have balconies - gelitin the b-thing blaise pascal found a very elegant way to inflate a balloon - the almost empty goat bladder he transported up a mountain was full upon arrival at the top

see also the teapot problem

but also the remarkable strategy of nuts and similar plants to count on being forgotten in order to move

see the teapot problem 1-3

see https://www.gelitin.net/projects/b-thing/