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At first this sculpture was supposed to be a lot smaller. A tree was to be hung horizontally in the entrance of the gallery, it's trunk at eye level, an obstacle that that would cause a slight inclination of the head of a visitor entering the exhibition.
I thought it was good if the origin of this minimal gesture was a complex form. I looked for a tree, an elm tree, a mountain elm tree grafted on an ordinary elm tree.

For the second version of this piece I was looking for the same species of tree. The only good one I found was far from Berlin and way too big to be hung from the gallery's ceiling. But it was so beautiful that it made me change idea instead of continuing to search for another tree.

It was big enough to block the gallery's entrance. This allowed to re-open a door that had been shut and serves as a wardrobe since. The clothes rail of the wardrobe that had become the principle entrance of the exhibition space is at exactly the right height to trigger the small corporal movement the I wanted the visitors to make in the beginning