HOW MONSTERS ARE MADE AND WHY YOU NEED THEM      is a performance for an actress and an elephant. It was shown at  Kampnagel, Internationale Kulturfabrik, Hamburg in May 2005. The duration is one hour. There are no physical barriers between elephant, actress and audience.
This performance is the deceleration, the enlargement of a collision. It shows what contact and love are. It is a piece about conquest. It is our short version of the conquest of an elephant. 
Saint George, Paolo Uccello                What makes the princess appear sad in the moment of her salvation? Why is the dragon wearing a bracelet and why is she holding a leash. Why are victim1 and victim2 tied to each other? What is the cave good for? And who is Saint George?
Matrix 2, Andy & Larry Wachowski        The best picture for love in the last years is a digital effect. Monsieur Smith dives into the body of Neo and transforms him into something with a silvery surface like himself.
   I am Robinson. You are Friday. You are America.
   I am Columbus. You are the alien and I am 
   Sigourney Weaver. You are the king of France
   and I am Robbespiere. I am Marlon Brando. You:
   Tarita Teripaia.