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(the respiration of chicks inside the egg, flying fish and something spectacular) is a guided tour of the french cultural centre (CCF) in Milan and its immediate surroundings.
The first part consist of three demonstrations that take place in an outside space. It starts as a talk about values and their creation and leads to a definition of the qualities that something needs to be considered as real.
The episodes of the first part are the demonstration of sculptural processes, the description of two untruths (things that are commonly considered to be true but do have exeptions: 1.Water boils at 100° Celsius and 2. Skyscrapers don't have balconies)
and the staging of an image serving as historical evidence for something that i never experienced. The most important ingredients of this are a chicken, a falcon and a bag filled with small fish. They serve as ingredients for the production of a picture
documenting the truthfulness / veracity of a fairy-tale like story somebody told me when I came to Paris: Before its renovation, the tour St. Jacques in Paris was the nesting place of a falcon. Every day at noon someone came with a bucket full of fish
which he threw into the air where the falcon would catch them while they were in the air. Once this picture has been staged, Loreto Martinez Troncoso and I invite people to follow us to an inside space, to see and experience our performance,
et quelquechose de spectaculaire
. It starts with a situation similar to the security check in airports. Everyone willing to see the performance is obliged to hand out his mobile phone, camera, lighter or other sources of light as well as objects that might
be used for aggression. These objects will be returned to their owners only after the performance. The spectators are then invited to participate in the projection of a film. The projected image is a black screen with subtitles. The subtitles are identical to
a text spoken and transmitted from the projectors cabin by Loreto Martinez Troncoso and Jochen Dehn. The voices talk about protection and fear, about immediate sensations and the spectacular. (Our voices are live, but seem to be recorded because
of the subtitles.) Little by little all lights are turned off. Not even the security signalization remains lit. The only source of light that remains is the projection, which will be stopped as well. The voices continue for a while until they stop as well and leave the
audience in complete darkness. After 5 minutes the lights are turned on again and the possessions are returned to their owners.