LEER / PARADIES (EVACUATION / PARADISE)    Two films and one performance, munich, 27may, 2006
PARADIES ( Film)                We see the picture of a deserted city. A camera is moving through the city center of munich. It passes Restaurants, showrooms, hotels, subwaystations, cars, squares and the like. The camera doesn't see any person or user of the spaces it passes. The walk the camera takes has a duration of approximately 30 minutes. It is uncut. Everything is gleaming, everything is abandoned, every door is open. You don't see anyone. You see possibilities everywhere. There are no guests in the restaurant you just entered, but there is food on each table.  The money distributor  is distributing money as you pass it. There are cars parked on the middle of the street, lights on, engine running, you get in you drive a bit until you decide to continue walking. You see an infrastructure lying wide open. You don't see a single person, not even dogs.
SOFT WAR/ EVACUATION ( Film and performance)                The second film shows the short term evacuation of the area the camera walks through in PARADIES. Evacuation is the process of convincing people to not enter a specific area or to become invisible. SOFT WAR shows the methods the people that evacuate develop to empty the city center. It shows the users of this space before they disappear.