LIQUID         10A Inside this room, in front of the window there is a small wall. The wall covers the window and keeps you from looking out of it, as long as you are in the room. The distance between the window and the wall is big enough to enable the window to be opened. From a position inbetween the window and the wall you can look out of the window. You cannot see the painting that is displayed on the other side of the wall. If you are leaning against the wall you can not see the persons that are looking at the painting or passing this room. You are leaning with your back against this wall and you are looking out of the window.
10 B You are in a room that is a dead end. You are sitting on a windowsill. This windowsill is not a windowsill. It is the floor of an opening in the large wall and it is more elevated than the rest of the room. Your feet don't touch the floor when you use it as a bench. It is wide enough to allow you to lie down on it. You could even invite a couple of friends to lie down next to you. There are no other objects in this room that you could use to sit on. From the entrance to this dead end room you can see all the room in one glance except a huge portion of the windowsill.
9AA You loose yourself. 9AB You fall asleep. 9AC You start to write messages to everyone you know. 9B You fall asleep. 8 It starts to get dark. You listen to music. You use headphones. You don't hear anything apart from the music.  7AA You feel a hand touching your shoulder. 7AB Somebody starts talking to you louder than the music you listen to.   
7B It's almost 23h00. If i was a guardian i wouldn't have looked in every single corner of this huge building either before going home.  6A You start to tell why you were staying up late the last days. You start telling the most beautiful things about the person you love that come to your mind. 6B You can't believe it. Just like those entrances that are no longer closed for you, when you follow the right person in the right moment. Accompanying you are company and like that you are no longer considered a threat. 5A Accompanied by a guardian you are walking to the exit and you are glad, that you didn't hide. 5B You move slowly. You know there are no movement detectors in this room, but you know that you can not always rely on your perception and you are sure of your ability to move as slow as to be invisible for any movement detector.
4A You walk as fast as possible to the place were you will be kissed. You think of the pieces of paper Bernado Provenzano had put into the olive tree that the person they were addressed to would pass within the next hours. You think of a hole in the ground in the desert filled with piles of wrappings of bounty chocolate bars. You wouldn't want to spend a single night in a place like that, even though you like coconut and chocolate. Today you read that George K. Zipf wrote a book named Human Behavior and the principle of Least-Effort (1949).
 4B You ask yourself, why the Voynich manuscript is so beautiful and why it was written so undecryptable.  You look at the paintings in the dutch section now.  3A  You ask yourself what kind of things you can try just once if you fail.  And you ask yourself if the albino carps in the subterranean lake below the Opera Garnier are white and blind or just white.  3B You go back to the windowsill and you wonder why you didn't meet any living thing this night. 2A You will give a geyser to the person that will be kissing you soon. You will place it somewhere on the way she uses the most. 2B You see the first visitors, you leave the building and you walk home. 1 You are at home.