I AM THE BULLET THAT SHOOTS ME     expedition project for an abandoned building

MEDEA  We will use the DAK Building on Steindamm, Hamburg, a closed building, devasted again and again by short term informal forms of living as our basis and background for the expedition to planet Medea.
An actor and an actress intrude further and further into a building that we consider the equivalent of Medea. The figure, that the actors are trying to decipher in the deserted remains of precare economies and survival technics, is the explicit OTHER.
We suppose there is possible ways of explanations other than revenge, to understand the need for total destruction of the world you live in. I kill my brother, my father, my whole country, my past, my love, my children, my husbands lover, her father, and me. Contact with the OTHER can be demanding and possessive to a degree that only complete consumption will be sufficient to fill the emotional needs of this demand.
KAMIKAZE  The burning of your house is not a revenge for a love that is too small or too big. The burning of your house is my love for you. Consumption is transformation. Consumption is prophecy. Being consumed is happiness.
PLACE / FIGURE         We visit history. Corpses were found. It has burnt here. Countless sleeping rooms. Intimate rooms.
The former DAK building is a site that is feared. Home of the OTHER, from my point of view. Outside the place is almost intact. Inside there is no room that hasn't been used as a toilet, no glass, that wasn't broken, no door that has been opened with a key.
We are interested in the obscenity of our gaze into this place. In the remains of original and interim usages we try to find the OTHER. A thing we call Medea.
MEMBRANE   We will show seven expeditions into this building. Each of which will research different zones of the building and open new layers of it. Spaces which we revisit  will be secure basises, places where we can relate to history and relics of our conquest of this planet.

STAGE / THE WESTERN PART OF THE CELLARS IS FLOODED    We will change the space on a short time basis by the presence of the actors. Anything we use is expedition material, movable and non permanent .We will disappear without traces.
Hemmingway:  The old man and the sea
Melville: Moby Dick

Cameron: Alien 2
Müller: Verkommenes Ufer, Medeamaterial, Landschaft mit Argonauten