STÜCK FÜR PRIVATWOHNUNGEN ( piece for apartments)    theatre play/ investigation / video 45 min
We play for the owners of an apartment and the persons they invite. We use all their rooms. The actors don't know the owner, they have never been to the apartment and they are instructed to consider anything they find or need during the performance in this place their property. Generally the actors are supposed to ignore the presence of the spectators. The performance is real time. Simultaneous actions are simultaneous. The duration of all actions is naturalistic. No room is considered off-stage. If a situation requires an actor to be alone the others will continue in another room. The performance starts when the actors arrive at the apartment and ends when all of them have left.
STÜCK FÜR PRIVATWOHNUNGEN is a method to see and use habitations of strangers.
The piece we showed is LE MALENTENDU by Albert Camus. It describes a series of actions that can take place in any private space. It focuses on a moment of extreme violence and tragedy in the life of five persons. It remains credible all the time.
In this performance we are interested to see how privacy deals with the invasion of  something completely public: theatre.
In august and September 2004 we played in 16 different apartments. The actors were Laura Bombonato, Lisa-Marie Jahnke/ Iris Minich, Thomas Loibl/ William Parton, Volker Muthmann/ Sandro Mabellini, Heiner Ebber/ Ismail Mogudani/ Katharina  Oberlik/ Benjamin Utzerath. Films and fotos were made by Jochen Dehn,
Jeanne Faust, Monika Gintersdorfer, Knut Klassen, Georg Stockinger and Christin Vahl.