REKOLONISATION (recolonisation)

In October 2003 Monika Gintersdorfer and I started a project called Rekolonisation.
With this project we research a space that was formerly called public space.

We suppose that there is some kind of membrane between private and public space. In collisions of different amplitudes we try to touch this membrane to get to know its outlines and thus get to know the forms of the two spaces. Our tools for doing so at the moment are some 120 actions.
We try to puncture architectures of immunity on a short term basis.
We are interested in phenomena of instability.
We import pictures, situations and strategies of survival and of catastrophe and test them in our immediate surroundings. We test them in an unendangered context.
We reduce distance.
Destabilization, blockage and illness are possible approaches to deal with this thing  (membrane) that is always inbetween.

We rarely work alone. Most of the time REKOLONISATION consists of 4 to 10 participants, sometimes 20 to 50 persons are involved.