3 The answer to your next question is: YES.     5 or 800 I am on a beach. There are some 1 to 2000 birds, seagulls, sitting in a distance of 200 meters from the place where I am right now. They are relaxing. I like sport. I have two options. One is to try to see them all fly away at the same time. If I run towards them fast enough, the air above me will be more crowded with seagulls than the air above Piazza San Marco in Venice is with pidgeons if a tourist takes out a gun and shoots in the air. My other option is to try to get into the center of this relaxing colony without causing any of them to fly up. (See movement detector in LIQUID.)     >300 I am in the underground. It is some kind of tunnel. My movements are very slow. There seems to be a multitude of things lying around. I am not supposed to be here and I try not to make any noise. I don't know if I am alone or if there are others with me down here. I cannot see anything and I have never been here so my progression is reduced to the speed of my perception that is reduced to a very slow movement of my hands and feet.  My general sensation is excitement, I touch sticky substances, dry ones, things that turn to dust upon contact. I am more afraid of  the effect fast movements might cause than of things falling down. I estimate the dimensions of the space by the sounds of these falling things or by sounds I unwillingly cause by stepping on something that breaks under the weight of my body. Sometimes I can evade colliding with a wall because I can feel my own warm breath bouncing back from the surface of it. I advance slowly hoping there is no big bell that is so well balanced, that I by touching it softly will cause a very loud and deep sound. I don't even dare to think about animals.     1 I am in a swarm. I am in a traffic jam. It is summer. This traffic jam will last forever. It is the first day of everybodys vacation and nobody wants to have a bad day. It is paradisical. People start to get out of there cars and get to know the things around them. They eat, drink, listen to music, they walk a couple of hundreds of meters and come back. Everybody is determined not to be having a bad time. Today certainly is the best day of this journey.  I take pictures not to forget the people next to me. In taking the pictures I have already forgotten them. I ask them to take pictures of me. As many as possible.     25 I am in a swarm. I enter protected areas if i manage to seem to accompany somebody who is allowed to enter them. I drift, float, follow and  I am company and independant at the same time. I move according to the movements of others. I am similar I am not exactly defined. Immobile things or persons are considered more dangerous than moving ones. I adapt my speed to the speed that is expected. I disappear in a crowd. I am visible for a limited group of persons. There will always be somebody that is the one that gave my new passport to me. Does looking at things enlarge your capacity to understand them? Are you able to reproduce something that you have profound knowledge of? Do you become a perfect replica of the things you look at just by looking at them? That is, do you become the thing that you look at, the moment you look at it?     15 The thing that gets the most attention is a  flash of light, accompanied by the sound of a  detonation and followed by screams. I inverse the temporal order of  these components. I am wearing a costume, to which i have attached strong flashes everywhere. I scream and explode before I  ignite all of them at the same time and  I get away as fast as possible in the time that the blindness caused by the flashes lasts.     900 If I rob fifty banks in the same town at the same time every day I am using a similar method.     I am not interested in clandestine activities. If easily accessible information is first hand information, I am interested in second or third hand information. I am not interested in irritation, I am interested in miracles.  I am interested in knowing the possibilities. I am interested in becoming invisible. A door is a small miracle because it allows you to pass through a wall. I am interested in maps. I like keys. It helps if you know that you are invited to a funeral and expected to be wearing black. It helps to be able to estimate how fast an arriving car is to determine how fast you have to cross the street if you want to avoid being run over. I like tricks, I like the idea of a coat that bends light, I like hiding, moving without a sound, stop breathing,  I like to forget. Invisibility is not related to ending. It is a process of  blurring outlines. I dissolve. I merge. I transform. Me and the other. Cup of coffee, piece of sugar. Invisibility is the enlargement of a surface.